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Andrew's Pic

Andrew back from final dress rehearsal

Posted on 2006.05.20 at 19:00
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Well all i can say is what a great show this year. 
Great opening and the 2 hosts come onto the stage flying through the air.

look out for the gold ball with people strapped to it which flies from the back of the
arena to the stage.

Helena P opens with a refrain of my number 1.

So to the participants. As promised a pic for each country.

Switzerland was a good start, great vocals.

Moldova was ok for me nothing more.

Israel was good vocally but is just pleasant and nothing more.

Latvia was really much better and got a good reaction.

Norway was still chic and faultless, very pretty and a fair chance.

Spain was a complete mess but got a nice reaction. Pity perhaps?

Malta was really good, great movement and vocals.

Germany was superb as always. In with a good shout methinks.

Denmark was actually rather good the best I have seen it done yet.


Russia was very well received and was a good performance.

FYROM was a bit messy in places but was also well received.

Romania brought the house down and the vocal was not 100%
but expect it to be tonight. Great chance to win from here.

After the break Bosnia. Still a sublime polished performance
and another one that could win. Sure its top 4 anyway.

Lithuania got a good reaction and was fun , nothing more.

UK was again very professional. Daz vocal was not the best I have
heard but the girls were great.

Greece and Anna Vissi was the best vocal i have heard from her.
Much much better than befor. Got a great chance of 2nd victory for Greece.

Finland rock big style . Fantastic show and performance also got a great
reaction and can go top 5 I think.

Ukraine was very energetic and entertaining. Good performance.

France I am sorry to say was dire. She was off key and flat in places.
A shame and a possible bottom 3 finish.

Croatia was really really good. Great routine and great vocal. In with
a chance of doing real well.

Ireland was good once again but I am not so sure now its going to win.

Sweden was another good performance but Carola was holding back 
on the vocals. Can still win with 100% though.

Turkey was fine but its not going to win for me. I bit schreechy at times.

Armenia was a good ending to the show. A nice vocal from Andre.
Top 15 perhaps.

So onto tonights Final

Romania for me

followed by Germany Bosnia and finland

Sweden and greece close

and Ireland , the UK , Croatia and Russia in with a chance.

Switzerland and Norway outside bets.


(Anonymous) at 2006-05-20 16:32 (UTC) (Link)

the betting dude

no comments so far ?!

thanks for the latest pics and info. Let the show begin and please may the best win as long as it's not Finland =)
(Anonymous) at 2006-05-20 16:46 (UTC) (Link)
I am hoping to see Sweden pick up the win tonight, fantastic singer, great performance!

But it is a hard year to call!
(Anonymous) at 2006-05-20 16:53 (UTC) (Link)
Great Photos!!

Thanks for all your hard work this week guys - you've been superb!!

May the best song win!!


(Anonymous) at 2006-05-20 17:03 (UTC) (Link)

Thank You !

Just want to say thanks for the brilliant coverage this week, and the photos today are fab. I'm so looking forward to the show tonight, and for once haven't got a clear favourite, so I just hope the best song/performance wins. Happy voting!
Gordon UK
(Anonymous) at 2006-05-20 17:25 (UTC) (Link)


Oh, god, for you, everybody will win.

I jsut hope Croatia will be in TOP 10!
Satu H
fairytale_80 at 2006-05-21 10:50 (UTC) (Link)
Great pics!
Satu H
fairytale_80 at 2006-05-26 22:10 (UTC) (Link)
I just put the lordi one as my background pic on my pc. :)
(Anonymous) at 2006-05-26 12:47 (UTC) (Link)
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