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Back from Glyfada

I decided to take today out and see something away from the city f Athens. I went to the coast at Glyfada and with the sunny wather and a lovely Italian restaurant, I am now ready for the show.

After listening to so many reactions from members of the press and the audience last night, I'm more confused than ever. I believe that the winner will come from; Russia, Romania, Germany and Finland. I am ignoring the two obvious favourite (Greece and Sweden) because nothing that I have seen in the last two days has led my to believe that either Anna Vissi or Carola will have the mass appeal all over Europe. I'm probably just as wrong as I was last year. I am calling Ireland to finish between 10th and 15th.

Apparently the interval which has a lot or religeous iconography etc., isn't to the taste of the Israelis, but given the 1999 postcards, who really cares?

Tonight to celebrate out hosts I am wearing a suit in blue and white stripes. I just can't wait. I can feel the rhythm as I type, but that probably the traffic!
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