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All over for another year

Posted on 2006.05.22 at 16:39
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Hi everyone, 

Now back home after a great time in Athens.  Back to the wet weather!!! :)))

Well, another Eurovision is over and the analysis begins.  Should Finland have won?  Is there too much neighbourly voting?  Do we like the change in the voting presentation?  Did we like the presenters?  Did Malta deserve to finish last?  And many ,many more questions.

The only true fact at the moment is that the 52nd  Eurovision Song Contest will take place in 2007 in Finland.  I'm already looking forward to this as Finland has been waiting to host this event for years and years and I am sure that they will put on an excellent show. I will start the savings plan now so I can hopefully enjoy 11 days there as I did in Athens.

Hope you enjoyed the site this year and the reviews I've posted .  I've enjoyed reading your comments and questions very much.

Until next year in Finland!

Bye for now!


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FINLAND!!! We Are The Winners Of Eurovision

Posted on 2006.05.22 at 12:15
Current Location: Edinburgh at ryans house
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Well thats me back home in Scotland after returning from Athens last night after a delay at Gatwick.
Myself and Ryan were welcomed by a typical Scottish downpour.

I am absolutely delighted that Lordi and Finland have won. It was terrific performance of a decent catchy song.
It totally breaks the mould of Eurovision which is a good thing as far as I am concerned.
Something that Daz Sampson was trying to do for the UK but with a different kind of style but not such
a good song.

So looking forward already to visiting our Finnish friends and cousins in Helsinki in 2007.
I have never been so can hardly wait to see what is reputed to be a lovely city.
After many years of struggle, since 1961 in fact, and never having a top 5 finish
finally Finland have proved that persistence does eventually pay off.

What this also confirms for me that the Eurovision song contest is no longer just a song contest but
due to televoting  it is now clearly based on overall performance and how it looks on our TV screens.
All the traditional style of catchy songs are just not making an impact unless they offer up a great
performance as well.

I was glad to see Finland ,Bosnia and Romania in the top4. Also I had also predicted a decent finish for Russia.
Sweden in 5th was about right I think and the fun element of Lithuania deserved them their best finish in 6th.
Ukraine had a good result in 7th and Armenia a great debut at 8th.
Greece in my honest opinion was dramatic over done but still a decent performance and 9th was a fair result for Anna.
Ireland in 10th was a great result for Brian and well deserved and means that Ireland are direct to the final next year.

In the lower results  Croatia I felt were a little bit low in 13th and should be disappointed.
I was also sad to see Germany finish as low as 15th. The UK in 19th was not really a surprise as i had always
thought it was either going to be top 5 or bottom 5 (so bottom 6 was not far wrong).
Malta though was the biggest shock for me, last place with one measly point. Thoroughly undeserved unless
the vocal was awful on the TV( I wont know that till I get the DVD).

So there we are another year over.
Many thanks to Keith and the whole AKOE06 team for the honour and pleasure of working with them again.
It was great to get the appreciation and nice comments on all my pictures. It was a new camera and it was
a huge bonus to find it was taking such good pics in the arena. It certainly as suggested brought the whole
Liveblog to life i feel. 
I plan to create a CD of all the best ones from the Blog and others which I have downloaded.
If anyone would like a copy as a souvenir then please email me at a.j.main@ed.ac.uk and mark the subject
Eurovision 2006. I will try to send a copy as soon as I can produce them.

So as a final treat here follows a selection of the best ones from Lordi's Final performance.  Enjoy !!!

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Stranded in Prague

Posted on 2006.05.21 at 22:46
After the perfect Sunday in Athens, I am now stranded in Prague on my waz home,so I cant update the website until Monday evening.

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First reactions to the result.

Posted on 2006.05.21 at 01:24
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
First of all well done to Andrew for the amazing pictures below. A BIG thanks to Peter and Andrew for their great reporting during the week, not forgetting Dermot and Ryan. A big thanks for all the comments, postitive and otherwise.

First reaction : What a GREAT result for Eurovision, for Finland and (dare I say it) for Ireland.

Finland has sent 40 entries to the contest, never finished in the Top 3, and now they score a HUGE win. I think that its a truely great song and that fact remains after you cut away the gimmicks. This will open up the contest to many different styles of music, and it'sd probably the best result fot the contest since ABBA won in 1974. Helsinki will be a great host cty (even if we have to leave he sunblock at home) and YLE are an experienced broadcaster that have hosted many big international athletics events.

For Rusia it's another case of so near and yet so far, a second runner-up spot, but the Russians are still very happy as are the Bosnians who finished third, their best ever result.

It was touch and go for Ireland to hang onto a Top 10 place, but once I remwembered that Turkey was last to vote, I was able to rela. No semi for Ireland in 2007.

Sweden seem to be disappointed with 5th, which is about where I would have put it and he Greeks seem very disappointed with 9th. I felt like congratulating Jean-Paul Gaultier for not onlt gets thousands of Euros for that horrible Anna Vissi dress, but also for stopping us having to come back to Greece next year. As much as I enjoyed my time, it's always great to have a new host country, and we have now gone to new hosts for five successive years.

The big shocks were Germany down in 15th and Malta last, with one one single point. I'm not the slightest bitt surprised to see Lithuania 6th. It was a novelty that was very well performed. Well done to Lithuania and Macedonia on their best ever results and especially to Armenia on a great debut in 8th.

I case you haven't heard Ireland was 9th in the semi and only 9 points ahead of Poland in 11th. It was very close. The Irish voters went for Lithuania in both the semi, as I had heard and in the final. It was more than just an immigrant vote.

Andorra only got 8 points in the semi (from Spain of course) to finish rock bottom.

More tomorrow.  


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Finland!!!!!!!! :)) Peter is happy!

Posted on 2006.05.21 at 01:20
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Hi all!!!

I am delighted with this result.  Finland have tried and tried and FINALLY they get their first win!!!!  Maybe Portugal can make it next year. :))))))

And Ireland has qualified for the final next year!!!!

Disappointed with Germany and would never have thought that Malta would come last!!!  Bizarre!!!!!!

Anyway, Off to Party !!!!!  Back home on Sunday.

Please feel free to leave any comments below or email me at peter.walsh66@ntlworld.com.  I'll be reading this when I get home!!!!!!!

Hope EVERYONE enjoyed the show!!!!!!!

Hope I can do the same for you in Helsinki in 2007!!!!!!!


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Peter in the Press Centre 2 hours and 10 minutes to go!

Posted on 2006.05.20 at 19:48
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Hi everyone, 

I've just arrived in the Press Centre all dressed up and ready to go to the final, and no loud shirt on, I hasten to add!  I think it will be a really good show and a very difficult contest to predict.  It could be a very close contest or a runaway winner .  Anything can happen in Eurovision.

What we have to remember now is that no matter how anyone has done in rehearsals/semi final etc , it is their performance tonight  that counts.  3 minutes to impress  Mr. amd Mrs Public to pick up the phone and vote.  I have to say that predicting a winner this year is very very difficult for me.  My favourites are Germany, and Finland but my favourites rarely win!   I actually hope for a surprise winner as greece was predicted as the winner last year very early, so it would be nice to have a surprise.

Most predictions seem to be saying Greece or Sweden.  Personally  I think they could do it but I rate the following as possible winners too:

Bosnia & Herzegovina
FYR Macedonia

So that probably means a different country will win!!! :))

Looking at that list, Germany may be on too early in the show and get forgotten(I hope not),  The same goes for Norway.  Bosnia now has to overcome the curse of singing after the commercial break.  Malta and Romania's chances are totally dependent on  good and rousing performances. Turkey may sing in English in parts and maybe even in Greek as she did in one of the rehearsals which could have an effect on her reception in the hall and could spring a surprise.  If I had to choose a winner from the list , I would probably go for either Finland and, saints preserve us Lithuania!!!  The public can easily vote for this en masse!

Sorry I can't narrow it down any more than that. I think it is very open this year. The only song I would not like to win is Sweden as I don't think it is a good song(this is just my opinion) and there were better in the Swedish final which I went to see in March.  But it could win because most of the public don't know any of these other songs!

Anyway, whatever wins, I hope it will be a good show.  I want everyone to enjoy it as it only happens once every year and it's back to normality next week!!  I'll try and pop back after the show to give you my thoughts once I can get to a PC which will be at a premium tonight!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the blooging I have done over the Eurovision season as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))


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Andrew back from final dress rehearsal

Posted on 2006.05.20 at 19:00
Current Location: Hotel Lobby
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Well all i can say is what a great show this year. 
Great opening and the 2 hosts come onto the stage flying through the air.

look out for the gold ball with people strapped to it which flies from the back of the
arena to the stage.

Helena P opens with a refrain of my number 1.

So to the participants. As promised a pic for each country.

Switzerland was a good start, great vocals.

Moldova was ok for me nothing more.

Israel was good vocally but is just pleasant and nothing more.

Latvia was really much better and got a good reaction.

Norway was still chic and faultless, very pretty and a fair chance.

Spain was a complete mess but got a nice reaction. Pity perhaps?

Malta was really good, great movement and vocals.

Germany was superb as always. In with a good shout methinks.

Denmark was actually rather good the best I have seen it done yet.


Russia was very well received and was a good performance.

FYROM was a bit messy in places but was also well received.

Romania brought the house down and the vocal was not 100%
but expect it to be tonight. Great chance to win from here.

After the break Bosnia. Still a sublime polished performance
and another one that could win. Sure its top 4 anyway.

Lithuania got a good reaction and was fun , nothing more.

UK was again very professional. Daz vocal was not the best I have
heard but the girls were great.

Greece and Anna Vissi was the best vocal i have heard from her.
Much much better than befor. Got a great chance of 2nd victory for Greece.

Finland rock big style . Fantastic show and performance also got a great
reaction and can go top 5 I think.

Ukraine was very energetic and entertaining. Good performance.

France I am sorry to say was dire. She was off key and flat in places.
A shame and a possible bottom 3 finish.

Croatia was really really good. Great routine and great vocal. In with
a chance of doing real well.

Ireland was good once again but I am not so sure now its going to win.

Sweden was another good performance but Carola was holding back 
on the vocals. Can still win with 100% though.

Turkey was fine but its not going to win for me. I bit schreechy at times.

Armenia was a good ending to the show. A nice vocal from Andre.
Top 15 perhaps.

So onto tonights Final

Romania for me

followed by Germany Bosnia and finland

Sweden and greece close

and Ireland , the UK , Croatia and Russia in with a chance.

Switzerland and Norway outside bets.

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Back from Glyfada

Posted on 2006.05.20 at 18:25
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
I decided to take today out and see something away from the city f Athens. I went to the coast at Glyfada and with the sunny wather and a lovely Italian restaurant, I am now ready for the show.

After listening to so many reactions from members of the press and the audience last night, I'm more confused than ever. I believe that the winner will come from; Russia, Romania, Germany and Finland. I am ignoring the two obvious favourite (Greece and Sweden) because nothing that I have seen in the last two days has led my to believe that either Anna Vissi or Carola will have the mass appeal all over Europe. I'm probably just as wrong as I was last year. I am calling Ireland to finish between 10th and 15th.

Apparently the interval which has a lot or religeous iconography etc., isn't to the taste of the Israelis, but given the 1999 postcards, who really cares?

Tonight to celebrate out hosts I am wearing a suit in blue and white stripes. I just can't wait. I can feel the rhythm as I type, but that probably the traffic!

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Andrew on the day of the Final

Posted on 2006.05.20 at 12:08
Current Location: Hotel cafe
Current Mood: contentcontent
After a wonderful day off yesterday visiting the Acropolis and surrounds followed by a sumptious
dinner on our hotels rooftop restaurant then a stint at Euroclub until 4am,
I am amazingly refreshed and ready for the day of the Final.

Ryan and myself are about to head out to the venue for the last Dress rehearsal and the good
news is we are in Row 7 today so my camera will be with me.
I hope to download at least one pic of each country between that and the final tonight

Also i am off to but money on the 4 certs each way.
Finland, Bosnia, Germany and Romania with another one at the best odd I can get.

So till later.

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Peter's view on second final dress rehearsal

Posted on 2006.05.19 at 23:10
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Oh no!!  I am now completely confused.  This was a very good dress rehearsal and now it is very difficult to decide what will win.

So, here is a short review with any major chages on the first rehearsal.

Excellent opening to the show.. I will not give much away as it will be nice to have the surprise on screen.

Then Helena sings My Number one.

Switzerland - Nice Performance - Good opening song
Moldova - Good performance of an ok song
Israel - Again Eddie sold this well and stage and it went down well with the crowd.
Latvia   - No sound problems this time, performed well, nice applause from crowd
Norway - Not as strong as this afternoon but crowd loved it - Best reaction in the hall so far
Spain - Best performance by Las Ketchup so far but don't expect this to do very well
Malta - Really good performance from Fabrizio - Great reaction from the crowd
Germany - Very good performance , audience clapping along , great reaction in the hall
Denmark - Best performance so far from Denmark - This could take votes from Germany.
Russia - Excellent Performance.  He has number 10 on his T shirt this time!  Best reaction in hall so far.
FYR Macedonia - Excellent performance again
Romania - Best performance by Mihai by miles!!!! - This is now back up with the potential winners  I think
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Excellent performance but can it overcome the curse of singing after the commercial break in the final
Lithuania - An excellent performance, love or hate the song, not booed as much tonight
United Kingdom - Came over really well , better than this afternoon but hampered by singing after Lithuania.
Greece - In my opinion, best performance by Anna Vissi to date,  She is pacing her performances very well and is definitely in with a chance of winning for Greece again
Finland - A complete contrast to Anna Vissi and excellent reaction in the hall
Ukraine - Tina was just suberb again!
France - Virginie sang in tune this time compared to this afternnon. Not a great reaction from the audience though.
Croatia - Excellent performance . And an excellent reaction in the hall\
Ireland - A very good rehearsal but not as strong in my opinion as this afternoon
Sweden - The controversial performance where Carola hardly sang at all, saving the vouice for tomorrow.  I just hope no technical hitch forces the playing of the backup tape.
Turkey - Good performance, but not as good as this afternoon, this still has a chance of a surprise win though I think
Armenia - A nice performance to finish the show

After this we had Nana Mouskoiuri on to turn the sandclock  and then I left the arena to quickly do this review before heading to the Euroclub to beg for some drink tokens!

So, I will have to sleep on all this before sayiong who i think will win tomorrow night!!

Any comments or questions, please leave them below or email me at peter.walsh66@ntlworld.com


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